We use the latest technology to craft one-of-a-kind eyewear that fits perfectly and caters to any and every style. With Specsy, you’ll be able to offer your customers an in-store experience they’ll engage with and share, while giving them a pair of glasses they’ll love.

How specsy operates in your store

Specsy provides optical retailers with a turnkey retail setup which includes:

  • Specsy enabled tablet

  • 3D scanner

  • Access to the Specsy design portal *no monthly fees

  • Two pre-fabricated frame samples

  • Point-of-sale display platform

  • Colour sample palette

  • Order credits to design two Specsy frames yourself

  • Ongoing user support

  • Ongoing access to new design and material launches

Get started for $1,300 CAD. No annual fees. No minimum purchases. Money-back guarantee on all equipment and frames.


1. Customers engage with the Specsy AR app

The Specsy augmented reality app enables customers to design a sample of their custom frames on a live video feed of their face, right from the comfort of your store.


2. 3D Scan Your Patient

Specsy provides you with a 3D scanner and iPad for capturing 3D scans. The 3D scan takes 30 seconds to complete and is used to design and size your customer’s custom frames.


3. Digitally Design Custom Frame

Once the 3D scan is captured, you can work alongside your customer to design every element of their Specsy frames - from color, to pantoscopic tilt, and everything in between.


4. Finalize Design and Fit

Once your order is received, Specsy works with you to finalize the frame design and fit. Specsy will review your order, and provide a finale rendering before production.


5. 3D Printing Production

Once the final rendering is approved we put your custom frame through a 7-day production process. This includes 3D printing, polishing, and hand assembly.


6. Receive Custom Frames

After all the magic of 3D scanning, digital design, and 3D printing production are complete, we ship you your one-of-a-kind custom Specsy frames.


What is your warranty policy?

We offer a 2 year warranty on all frames.

Does Specsy only work with optical stores?

Yes, designing a custom frames requires specialized optical knowledge. For this reason, we only work with optical retailers.

What material are Specsy frames made from?

We currently offer frames manufactured from a durable, lightweight nylon material through our Digital Concrete collection. We do not  manufacture acetate frames, as we utilize 3D printing for all frame production.

Are your frames adjustable?

Yes, Specsy frames are heat adjustable.

What if my custom frames don't fit?

We want to make it right. Similar to a bespoke suit, if an element of your Specsy frames do not fit properly, will will fix them. However, this is limited to fit. All aesthetic choices are final once the frame is put into production. Before frames are put into production.we provide a sample chip of the selected color or pattern, for final design verification.

Does Specsy provide any marketing support for stores?

Yes! We promote our optical partners on our website and through our social media channels. We also provide ongoing digital and print resources to our partner stores.

How much space does the Specsy retail setup require?

The Specsy retail display is designed to be placed on a POS counter. The full display is 24" wide x 10" deep and requires access to power and wifi. View a sample of the the Specsy display in a store here.

How do lenses work?

We focus strictly on frames and leave lenses up to our optical partners. We can ship frame orders either to your store or to a lab.

Start Today!

We’ve made it as easy as possible to try out the latest technology today. Signup today to get up and running with your Specsy retail kit in less than two weeks. Follow three simple steps to get started:

STEP 1: Order your turnkey Specsy retail kit today.

  • The Specsy retail kit contains everything you need to start selling custom, digitally designed, 3D printed frames, all in an easy-to-use turnkey system. Each kit contains:

    • Specsy Tablet

    • 3D Scanner

    • POP display platform

    • Two pre-fabricated sample frames

    • Two order credits for custom sample frames

    • Lifetime access to the Specsy digital design software (no ongoing fees!)

    • Access to our customized virtual onboarding and training courses

    • Access to personalized email and phone support

PLUS: We offer a 365 day no questions asked refund policy on our retail kit for new distributors. If you are unhappy for any reason we will refund your retail kit with no questions asked.

STEP 2: Review the Specsy distributor agreement

Our distributor agreement outlines all of the terms and guidelines for acting as a Specsy distributor, including:

  • Wholesale Pricing and MSRP

  • Warranty - we provide a 2 year manufacturer warranty

  • Data storage and privacy - Specsy is HIPPA compliant.

You will receive your Specsy retail kit within 10 business days of placing your order and completing the distributor agreement.

STEP 3: Receive your Specsy welcome email within 5 business days

  • Your welcome email contains all of the information you need as a Specsy distributor, including

    • Tracking information for your retail kit

    • Credentials for your Specsy account

    • Access to our online on-boarding and training courses

    • Access to phone and email support

And that’s it! You can start selling professional, custom, 3D printed frames in less than two weeks!

Still Curious?

We’re here for you! Select the links below to either book a virtual demo or order a sample frame.

Or contact us at or at 1-855-463-6793 for human assistance.