The future has arrived in your store

Who knew that adding the latest in custom 3D printed eyewear to your retail portfolio would be as easy as …

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1. Get specsy


Order your retail kit

it contains everything you need to start selling Specsy. And it won’t cost you and arm and a leg.


Get it set up in your store

Unpack it. Connect it to your wifi. Sign in. Done! Plus, it updates itself!


Engage your customers

Looks like snapchat, but is designed to sell Specsys … by technological hypnosis. It works!

2. Design/Order


3D Face scan

It’s quick. It’s easy. It’s accurate. And it lets you design the perfect frame digitally. This type of photo should be clear on the scan, and should be a solid background


Design a perfect frame

Custom fit. Custom sizing. Custom shapes. Custom colors. Custom text. Zero inventory. Only pay for actual orders


Order and 3D print

Once you click the order button, Specsy confirms that your design is great from all angles, and then it’s 3D printing time.

3. receive frame


Try it on

Finalize the fit adjustments as you would with any other nylon frame and a little (or a lottle) heat.


Happy customers

We’re not happy until everyone is happy. Nobody should have a frame they don’t absolutely love


We’re here for you

2 year hassle-free warranty. Fast and friendly support. Money back guarantee within 30 days. We stand by our product.

Find out more


Case Studies

Check out some examples of that Specsy magic in action on all types of faces



You’ve got questions. We have articulate and insightful answers.



Good looking people wearing great looking frames.



We’re patiently waiting for you to call. Yes, you. Pick up the phone. Send us a message. Also, call your mother. She’s wondering what you’ve been up to.


Store map

We’re becoming Google Map famous. Check it out, and add your corner of the world to our ever-growing list of Specsy-certified retailers.


Order samples

Still not convinced? That’s outrageous! Order a sample and see what all the hype is about. If you order a full retail kit, we will credit the value of your sample towards the kit.